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"What can be repaired?" 
Anything from a punctured tire to a engine failure.

"What if the repair can't be done in one night?" 
We will only accept repair work we can commit to the can be done overnight. Anything further, we will reach back out to you for guidance, and manage your journey to conclussion.
"Can I get the manufacturer to pay?"                                  
The manufacturer is not obliged to pay for any damages once your waranty has ended. Any types of faults that would be the manufacturers fault would normally turn up during the warranty.

"How long should a catalyst converter last?"
An converter should last for 10 years however this will depend on mileage and engine tune.                                       

"Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?"      
You are not obliged to get your car serviced by a franchise during the waranty period.      

"Do OvernightCarRepair offer a warranty when you fix our cars?"

Yes, we will offer a warranty for parts and labour for 12 months from the date you get the keys back to your car.


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